Technical specicification

1912 420 JP

Site location - a flat & level site is required (+/- 3mm in 3mtrs) with free air flow for the Blocksystem. For external locations weather protection is required to both the coldroom carcass & Blocksystem

Dimensions - nominal dimensions are as detailed under "sizes & layout" section. All require plus 100mm on plan dimensions & height to build.

For 35 different plan dimensions click here.

The Blocksystem extends forward up to 0.450m from the external face of the coldroom wall & requires 1.200m from the face of the coldroom wall to fit & locate on installation.

Insulation - Floor, walls & ceiling are 75mm thick polyurethane (PUR) foam injected panels, with tongue & groove to long edges. Each panel is locked to its neighbour via our "polylock".

Finish - All walls & internal ceilings are finished white foodsafe pvc coated galvanised steel. External ceilings are self colour galvanised steel. All panels are finished shallow "polyrib" profile. Floor panels are finished alum. 5 bar tread - shallow pattern over 6mm wbp ply. (other heavy duty floor finished are available). An aluminium cove section forms the internal joint between the floor / wall & the wall / ceiling.

Doors - All doors are right hinged, mounted on polycarbonate self closing hinges. Slam shut handle with integeral lock & safety release. Four sided gasket. Nominal clear opening is 0.600m wide x 1.800m high. Freezer models with 240v heater to door frame.

Racking 3T 420 JP

Coldroom shelving - Adjustable free standing shelving, epoxy coated wire with antibacterial additive. Three tier, generally 0.460m deep, adjustable at 50mm height increments. For layout options click "layout" under "sizes & layout" section.

Block 02 420 JP

Refrigeration - refrigeration equipment is a self contained, pre-engineered Blocksystem mounted on the coldroom wall. Each system includes 1 off internal bulkhead light, operated via a door micro switch, which also controls the refrigeration cycle. Temperature display is via an LED on the refrigeration unit.

All Blocksystems require free air supply & generate warm air.


Waste condensate water is self evaporating with provision for drained overflow - not included.

Blocksystem warranty is trade 12 month parts only. All site wiring & electrical connection is excluded.

Maximum ambeint is assumed at +35°C.

Product entering the store is assumed at 10% of the store capacity.

Chiller temperature range is adjustable between -5/+5°C, assumed operating temperture is 0°C. Product entering the store is assumed @ maximum +20°C.

Freezer temperature range is adjustable between -20/-15°, assumed operating temperature is -18°C. Product entering the store is assume pre-frozen.

Both chillers & freezers are holding application only, not blast chillers / freezers.

Blocksystem data - please click here.

Blocksystem data (300kb)