Insulated Modular Coldrooms

Insulated Modular Coldrooms

Our insulated modular coldrooms are made to the highest possible standards right here in the UK. They are manufactured using polyurethane, and their refrigeration systems are wall-mounted and pre-engineered. These systems are known as Blocksystems or Monoblocks. They’re designed and manufactured with durability and user needs firmly in mind. The Blocksystem is located inside the coldroom and can be managed from there. There is also an external display that makes managing and using your coldroom even easier than it would otherwise be. We also have a range of racks and shelving options available to customers.

Different Sizes

We have a range of different sizes that you can purchase when the time comes to find the insulated modular coldroom that’s right for you. In total, we supply 35 different sized coldrooms, so we’re sure to have something that meets your needs. You can quickly and easily browse all 35 sizes we have on our website. We also have a flexible manufacturing system in place, meaning we can accommodate your precise needs if we don’t offer exactly what you’re looking for in our existing range. You can choose a custom height for your coldroom system of up to 3.000m.


As well as having a range of sizes available, we also have lots of different layouts that you can choose between. We have a layout for whatever purpose you want to use your coldroom for. We can provide you with a quote for your specific layout requirements if we don’t have anything that meets your needs. Every customer has different needs, so have a look at all of the options and think carefully about which of our coldroom layouts suits you. Layout drawings can be found on our website, so take the time to have a look at them ahead of buying.

Technical Specifications

For the precise dimensions of the various coldrooms we offer, you should visit the relevant page on our website. The exact dimensions will depend on the size of the coldroom you purchase. The blocksystem will need space to extend outward from the exterior surface of the coldroom. It will need up 0.450m. The thickness of the insulation that the coldrooms use is 75mm, and the panels are connected and locked in place using our polylock system. All the doors have their self-closing hinges on the right. The door’s opening is 0.600m wide and 1.800m high. There is also adjustable tiered shelving in place.

Ordering from Us

There are numerous ways to buy insulated modular coldrooms from us. You can buy online or call us on 01905 458551. Alternatively, you can fax us using 01905 754137. Get in touch even if you can’t find the exact size and specifications you need as we might be able to come up with a custom solution that meets your needs. Our prices exclude VAT. You can choose to either pick up your purchase, have it delivered or have it delivered and installed for you by us.