Coldroom Carcass

Coldrooms - Carcass

We make and supply coldrooms that are perfect for the storage of carcasses. If you have animal carcasses from hunting or for production purposes, keeping them chilled is something you obviously need to get right. You should never settle for second best when you’re looking for the right coldroom to meet your needs and requirements. By choosing one of our coldrooms, you will be opting for a solution that’s secure, efficient and hygienic. In other words, it’ll do everything you require of it.

Your meat will stay safe and in good condition for much longer if you use our chilling, cooling and freezing mechanisms. You can select which coldroom is right for you by looking what we have to offer. Our range is vast, so you’re sure to find something that works for you and the job you need your coldroom to do for you. We have coldrooms of all different sizes and specifications, so think carefully about how much space you’ll need before making a purchase.

What Our Coldrooms Offer

Our coldrooms not only offer the best refrigeration and cooling mechanisms, but also provide you with a space that is easy to use and keep clean. Our coldrooms use pre-engineered, wall-mounted refrigeration systems. These are known as blocksystems. They make use of the latest and best technology to provide cooling for your needs and requirements. Each coldrooms also has racks and storage shelving to help make your job easier. We use stainless steel to make the racks and shelving. And you can buy additional racks as well if you need to.

The coldrooms are also fully insulated, making it simple for you to run an efficient operation. No energy will be wasted unnecessarily. Your energy bills will be lower, and you will have less of an impact on the environment as well. These are all important added extras that mean our coldrooms offer more to customers like you. The sizes we offer are also flexible. We can come up with a custom solution, meaning you can find a coldroom that meets your precise needs.

How They Can Be Used

You can make use of our coldrooms in whatever way suits you. Carcass storage is made simple by the designs our coldrooms employ. But they remain flexible enough to adapt to how you want or need to use them. We know that each of our customers has a specific set of needs, and we aim to make your use of our products as satisfying and simple as possible. To begin with, we offer a range of coldroom design options and sizes for you to choose from.

You can also choose how to use the racks, shelving and space on offer too. Finding a way to get what you want out of our products won’t be difficult for you at all. The custom heights of our coldrooms mean that you can choose how much vertical space is on offer. This can be useful depending on what kind of thing you will be storing in your coldroom.