Insulated Modular Coldrooms Worcester

Are you searching for a cold storage solution? If you are, there is only one option worth considering - insulated modular coldrooms. Made from polyurethane and mounted with Blocksystems, our insulated modular coldrooms in Worcester are manufactured in the UK to the highest of standards.

Available in a range of sizes, from 2.150m, 2.350m & 2.550m in height, we also custom manufacture coldrooms to your exact specifications. That means you get a product that is on point.

Don’t delay. Order today and get your insulated modular coldroom delivered to your front door.
What Is A Modular Coldroom?

If you have only come across our products recently, let us explain the difference between an insulated modular coldroom and other forms of refrigeration. The former is usually a type of walk-in space that is refrigerated which consists of panels that trap cold air.

As a result, the insulation is far superior to any other solution on the market as traditional coldrooms and walk-in freezers are not as efficient.
What Are The Advantages?

There are more benefits to an insulated coldroom aside from enhanced energy-efficiency and insulation. Our coldrooms in Worcester are also incredibly agile and versatile, making them adaptable to pretty much any requirements a customer or client may have.
Easy Installation

With the help of our world-class team, the coldroom will be installed in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Is it because we’re experienced and brilliant at what we do? Although Modular Coldrooms technicians are industry leaders, it’s also down to the installation process. By connecting the panels, your coldroom will be up and running in no time.

The reverse is true, too. Anyone who needs to remove a coldroom can do it as quickly and easily if required.
Temporary Solutions

The fact that they are simple to put together means that you can use yours as a temporary storage facility. Sometimes, there isn’t enough time or space to erect or install the feature that you need for your business. However, because coldrooms don’t require much time regarding installation, you can get your money’s worth merely by using it as a temporary piece of equipment.
Little Disruption

We know that you can’t afford (literally) downtime. Therefore, you need a product that will increase the company’s ability to serve its customer base without going offline. Insulated modular coldrooms are lifesavers in this regard.

Due to the length of time it takes to install one, you will barely notice any disruption to your daily routine.
Should You Purchase One Over Traditional Refrigeration Options?

Yes! It may seem like a simple answer to your biggest question, yet it’s undoubtedly true when you understand what modular coldrooms offer:

Space efficiency: our services allow you to consolidate your refrigeration needs into a single chiller that provide plenty of room without wasting energy. As a result, there is additional room for the business’s expansion specifications.

Cost-cutting: Because a coldroom is eco-friendly, it’s also a money-saver. Using our insulated modular coldrooms will mean that you have more money to spend as the budget will be bigger.

For any of your Insulated Modular Coldrooms needs in Worcester, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.