Modular Cold rooms

Modular Cold Rooms

At, we specialise in providing modular cold rooms. We know that if your business deals in foods, drinks, chemicals or medical materials that require a controlled temperature, then you need a system that is reliable and consistent. We also know that cost is a continual concern for businesses, so you need the solution to be a cost-effective, long lasting investment.
Our modular cold rooms are exactly what you need. Whether you want modular cold rooms to act as a chiller or a freezer, we have all the options that you need. Each of our modular cold rooms is fully protected by polyurethane insulation, so whether your work area is cold or warm, our modular cold rooms are well insulated. Each unit has a wall mounted cooling system, called a Blocksystem. By using the precision controllers, you can ensure that our modular cold rooms maintain exactly the temperature that you need.
One use for our modular cold rooms is for food storage. In many restaurants and canteens, the amount of food to be kept cold or frozen is enormous, especially if you have busy points in the week which require you to maintain a large stock of supplies. For example, a school canteen might need to have supplies to provide food for one thousand or more people in a day, which can be a strain on the available storage. With our modular cold rooms, which can be located inside or outside the building, you can ensure that you have adequate food storage whilst adhering to health and safety standards.
Another use for our modular cold rooms is for storing non-food materials that need a controlled temperature. This is important in some chemical processes, where materials may need to be stored at a certain temperature to remain stable and avoid a change of chemical state. Our modular cold rooms are ideal for this as they provide a constant, controlled temperature and stable storage.
A common use for our modular cold rooms is as mortuary storage. If you are a small establishment like a funeral home, you likely need a storage option that is safe and respectful, but which requires the minimum space possible. Our compact mortuary chamber option can safely hold three bodies. If you are a larger hospital mortuary, it may be that your facilities are generally suitable, but at peak mortality times you are stretched. This might not be enough to justify the cost of a complete rebuild, but the addition of one of our modular cold rooms could be exactly what you need to enhance your facilities. Our options of modular cold rooms for mortuary use come in a range of sizes and options.
If you are looking for modular cold rooms, you can rely on the high quality manufacturing by We are proud to offer the best in reliable modular cold rooms. Because we manufacture each one, we can make it to your specifications. Why not contact us today to see how we can provide the modular cold rooms your business needs?