Modular Cold room Manufacturers

Modular Cold Room Manufacturers

At, we specialise in being the best in modular cold room manufacturers. We are confident that we can provide a modular cold room to suit your business needs. We know that our customers need to know that their modular cold room will provide a consistent, reliable temperature control and manageable storage options. As modular cold room manufacturers, we are experts because we make our own products which means we know exactly what we are selling and can offer you the best help to find what you need.
We are confident that we are the best choice of modular cold room manufacturers for four key reasons:
1) We are experienced modular cold room manufacturers
We have years of experience as modular cold room manufacturers. We have manufactured modular cold rooms for a wide range of sizes and purposes and for many different clients. We understand the need to make sure that each modular cold room precisely suits the needs of our clients, which means that we are the best choice in modular cold room manufacturers. When you order a modular cold room from us, you can be confident because you are dealing directly with the manufacturer.
2) Each modular cold room can be made to your specifications
We are not a ‘one size fits all’ type of company. We know that you the needs of your company will not be the same as the needs of another company. Because we are modular cold room manufacturers, we can create precisely what you need. Whilst we have 35 standard options in modular cold rooms, if these do not suit what you need, we can make a bespoke creation. We can alter the height, width, depth and internal layout so that the modular cold room we supply will be just what you need.
3) Our modular cold rooms are versatile
As modular cold room manufacturers, we offer options that can be used for a variety of purposes. We have models of modular cold room that are designed as a chiller, as well as models which are a Freezer. This means that they can be used for food storage, chemical storage and medical storage. We also offer options that are designed for mortuary storage, ranging from our compact mortuary chamber through to larger options.
4) We guarantee our products
Because we are confident in the high quality of our work as modular cold room manufacturers, we are confident in guaranteeing our work. We know that every modular cold room has been made to the highest standard. You can see our warranty on the website.
At, we are proud to be the leading choice in modular cold room manufacturer. Whatever the purpose or the size, we can produce the modular cold room you need, complete with racking and a precision Blocksystem cooler unit. You can see the technical specification and photographs of our products on our website. Why not contact us to day to see how we can provide the right modular cold room for you? We are waiting to help!